Immortal Brush Miniature Painting Contest 2022 Winners!

Immortal Brush Miniature Painting Contest 2022


October Friday 28: Submission deadline

October Saturday 29 to November 6: Stop by the shop and vote for your favorite entry.

November Monday 7: Winners will be contacted. Winning models will be on display in the shop. Winning model photos will be added to our web page.

November Monday 7+: Please take you submission home.

November Thursday 10: Random prize winners will be contacted. 

October 2023: Immortal Brush Painting Contest!


Congratulations to all the Winners!
Thanks to our fantastic guest judges: Chad Lascelles (pro model painter) and Toren Atkinson (Artist, Game Designer & Musician)

Winner Diorama: Nick Melchin

Winner Fantasy / Historical Five Figures: Kelly Kim

Winner Fantasy / Historical Large: Dave Wong

Winner Sci-fi Five Figures: Brennan Baker

Winner Sci-Fi Large: Brennan Baker

Winner Customer Choice: Jack Anderson