June Saturday 22nd: CY_BORG / MORK BORG

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-Characters will be provided

-Ages 16+ 

-New players are welcome to join

-Must sign up in advance, space is limited (call us, stop by or email)

June Saturday 22nd: CY_BORG

Time: 10am to 2pm

Enter a Nano-infested doomsday where cybernetic misfits rage against a relentless corporate hell.

June Saturday 22nd: MORK BORG

Time: 2pm to 6pm

The Calendar of Nechrubel predicts the miseries that will befall this world, heralding the end of all things. These miseries have started to appear, and doom hangs over all. The apocalypse will surely come, but can it be delayed? Is the answer to be found in the dread cemetery Graven-Tosk, deep inside the dark forest of Sarkash? Only a party of desperate and ill-prepared fools would ask such questions.