Saturday July 20th Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG DAY!

We are celebrating the Dungeon Crawl Classic Roleplaying game ALL day! 

We open at 10am.

Please join us for games and special DCC release adventures.

Sign up to play a game. (teen to adults).

10am to 2pm Mutant Crawl Classic with Scotland

Come enjoy DCC day with us as we play Mutant Crawl Classics! Set in the far future, each player takes on the role of a Seeker who explores a mutated world built upon long lost ancient civilizations. We will be playing Warlords of Atoz, a level 3 adventure by Jim Wampler. 

When your hothouse jungle home is suddenly flooded with dispossessed refugees, they all tell the same tale. A conquering horde of warlords wielding magic boomsticks is wiping out whole villages and enslaving the inhabitants — all in the name of a surviving Ancient One they worship as a god. The tribal elders send you and your Seeker team out to investigate, and if possible infiltrate, the temple of the great and powerful ATOZ.

Bring your dice and Mutant Crawl Classics handbook. Characters will be provided, but feel free to bring your own level 3 character if you’d like.

2pm to 6pm Dungeon Crawl Classic with Greg

You all are experienced adventurers returning from a most lucrative dungeon crawl. A cartful of loot in tow. However, upon your return to the nearest town you are confronted by an ominous threat. It is only through comraderie and high-flying antics that you will prevail!

Bring your dice and Dungeon Crawl Classics handbook. Characters will be provided.


Here are some of the books available on the day (items are limited, first come first serve):

For DCC RPG, you’ll find The Grinding Keep, a level 1 adventure by Marc Bruner. A wealthy benefactor needs to party to recover a powerful magic item for a lonely manor, but the PCs discover not all is as it seems in the remote abode. Can they escape with both the object of their quest and their lives intact?

And for XCC RPG, we have Tucson Death Storm!, a level 2 adventure by the madman behind Xcrawl, Brendan LaSalle. The Xcrawlers find themselves outside The Games’ arenas when a production crew goes missing while preparing for an Xcrawl event. The search for the vanished crew takes the team beneath the desert where a sleeping evil has awoken. How will the PCs fare against a foe that doesn’t play by the Rules of the Game

Plus! On DCC Day you can also pick up the exclusive DCC #104 Return to the Starless Sea Gold Foil Hardcover limited edition, as well this year’s exclusive adventure DCC Day #5 The Gods of the Earth 

What is DCC? Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (DCC RPG or simply DCC) is a role-playing game published by Goodman Games using the Open Game License (OGL) and System Reference Document (SRD) version 3.5 to provide legal compatibility with the revised third edition of Dungeons & Dragons.