Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz

Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz

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Who will win the house cup? Pick up your wands, you got into Hogwarts! Defend the colours of your House by answering questions from the virtual quiz master about the Harry Potter universe and try to earn points. With 1,000 questions and 2 levels designed to test your knowledge, the Game Master does it all, from explaining the rules, to asking the questions and keeping score. The house with the most points wins! Who will be the best wizard?

- 1000 Wizarding questions! Can you guess if they are true or false?

- Be quick! Be right! Only the fastest player can take the win.

- Two levels specially designed to challenge your knowledge on three rounds of questions.

- No rules to read! The virtual game master takes care of everything from telling the rules to asking the questions; even keeping score.

- Excitingzarding game for all Harry Potter Fans.

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