Colt Express

Colt Express

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It is 1899 and the Union Pacific Express is headed to the Nice Valley Coal Company to deliver their payroll and 47 passengers. Suddenly the train is attacked by thievin’ bandits! Will the outlaws keep their cool or will Marshal Samuel Ford save the day and prevent the robbery?

Players will plan ahead and play cards to steal the most loot, shoot their opponents, move around the train and elude Marshal Ford. Will you be the richest bandit in the outlaw gang?

Colt Express contains 6 Train Cars, 1 Locomotive, 10 terrain elements, loot tokens, 17 Round Cards, 1 Marshal pawn, 13 Neutral Bullet cards, 6 Character cards, 6 Bandit pawns, 60 Action cards, and 36 Bullet cards.
• Detailed, 3D locomotive and train cars that you get to assemble before the game begins!
• High-quality game components.
• Beautifully artistic cards and wooden game pawns.

Spiel des Jahres 2015 winner

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